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PA Automakers required to accept returned vehicles

n the times of the pandemic of COVID-19, all new leasing questions are arising which have not been faced in this generation. When a customer signs a lease, whether it be for 3 years, which is standard time or any other amount of time. And the lease contract ends the vehicle is returned to the dealership as per the contract. All local leasing dealers in PA must abide by these contracts.

What is currently happening is that the state of Pennsylvania along with every other state has mandated the closure of businesses to prevent the spread of CODID-19. So when the customer’s lease has completed and they wish to return their lease, the dealerships are telling them they must wait until businesses are operating as usual. This comes with an extra cost for payments, additional insurance payments (since leased cars must be insured) plus standard expenses related to having a vehicle.

Some dealerships were attempting to extend the contract of the lease until after the pandemic would be over to prevent returns, and while some customers were accepting, others that were not. While this is true for traditional dealerships there are alternatives like online leasing companies who also have local locations where the process is much more streamlined and easier to obtain a lease and to return it.

Josh Shapiro, the attorney general of Pennsylvania, along with 10 other states and Puerto Rico have signed a letter stating that automakers are obligated to accept a returned lease at the time stated in the contract.

This came to the attention of the media and the government because there were reports of many customers running into difficulties when attempting to return their vehicle. The attempts were not made early, in an act to try and break the lease but once the contract has been legally completed. The attorney generals have advised that by not accepting the vehicle they are “violating contractual lease obligations and a number of state and federal laws” and reminding automakers of their legal obligation to take back leased vehicles returned at the end of their lease term.

The Josh Shapiro and the other attorney generals then go on to request that affiliated dealers and lending companies create methods in which they can accept leased vehicles from customers until the end of the Covid-19 Car Pandemic It also requests they create a safe and hygienic way to take the return vehicles in a way where all parties involved can be protected from the virus.

This letter was issued to 11 states including Pennsylvania and the territory of Puerto Rico as well. The same letter was also sent directly to 10 different auto manufacturers; Fiat (Chrysler), Ford, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Mazda, Nissan, Subaru, Toyota, and Volkswagen.

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